Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Said's Cabled Cardigan

Did you guys think that I was going to take a break after completing Grandma's Riding Coat in what I consider record time for me? Nope, I'm trucking on to a new project for my uncle Said. He requested a lovely cabled cardigan, or as he call it "Old Man Cardigan" (sorry he means not to offend). So, when I ordered my huge order of yarn in it for him was 17, yes I said SEVENTEEN skeins of Knitpicks Telemark in Almond just for him.
 So the cardigan in question is this lovely one right here:

The lovely, although sometimes cranky, uncle in question is here:

And the Work In Progress that is taking FOREVER TO COMPLETE is here:

Seriously, I totally jinxed myself and tricked myself into thinking I had finally become a fast knitter because I'm still working on the back piece of this cardigan. Also, I should mention that he had requested a dark color for this cardi, but his wife and I felt that he has enough dark in his wardrobe and that it was time for something light. He's a little chunky and thinks that wearing black is the only thing that will make him look slim: WRONG!

Finally, he has requested a few modifications. For example, we're only doing cables down the front of this cardi, even though there are cables down the back and sleeves (Jury is still out on whether to do cables on the sleeves) Secondly, he has requested that this hit more at his waist and not so much at his hip, so we've shortened it just a tad. I really can't wait to get to the cabled part of this sweater because I'm dying to see what it looks like and I'm tired of knitting stockinette.

So, you are all now in the loop as to what the second project for all the yarn that I splurged on last month was for. Stay tuned for more updates and let's all hope I don't end up pulling my hair out on this project, because I like my hair... really, I do!

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