Thursday, March 25, 2010

Open Heart...

Today, my father had open heart surgery. If you're shocked, join the club because if you ever saw my father, you would never guess that there was anything wrong with him. It began on Friday night, when my father had trouble breathing and had broken into a cold sweat. He, being a man, of course refused to go the hospital stating that he was fine. But on Saturday I insisted he go and on Sunday he was admitted. When he did a cath. it revealed what none of us would have at all expected, 5 blocked arteries 3 of which were closed 80% or more. After talking to the doctors, it was revealed to us that my father had been admitted to the hospital with acute heart failure and that he must have had at least 10 silent heart attacks, they were silent because the diabetes made them that way and that his operation was considered High Risk with a 25% chance of failure.

My father had open heart surgery today and it was successful, thank you God! I share my father's recent medical history because I wish that all of you out there take great care of yourselves and don't wait on yourselves. Get checked and make sure you are okay because what's more important than health? May you never be put in a position where you have to hear that you or a loved one may lose his or her life because they didn't take the time to check themselves out.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I promised you pictues of cables from my cable cardigan and I deliver pictures of cables. Hope you like them... :o)

Miles and Miles of Cables (Okay, not really):

Up Close and Personal with the Cables:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yes, that's right folks, you heard me correctly! Boredom has begun to set in. Don't you hate it when that happens? Luckily, I have you great folks to share it with. I've been working on my uncle's cable cardi and while the pattern is not difficult, it's ... you guessed it... boring! But nonetheless, it has been promised to someone and so I must push ahead. Hopefully, it won't take me too much longer to knit, as I've completed the left front and back. However, that was 2 days ago and I've stalled on starting the right front... soooo not a good! Oh well! I do have pictures of some of the knitting, but I'm too lazy to load them right now, plus it's too late and I wanted to share my boredom with all of you before I went to bed! So, I guess it's goodnight for now and hopefully, pictures tomorrow... :o)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Proper Ettiquette

Hi Everyone,
I've had such a great time reading everyone's comments and I want to respond to everyone. Yay, you guys make me super happy! But here's my question, what's the best way to respond to someone who posts a comment on your blog? Is it via the comments section or is there some other secret way that I don't know about. Someone let me know via a comment... lol... so this way I let you all know how much I appreciate your reading my blog and commenting on it!

Said's Cabled Cardigan

Did you guys think that I was going to take a break after completing Grandma's Riding Coat in what I consider record time for me? Nope, I'm trucking on to a new project for my uncle Said. He requested a lovely cabled cardigan, or as he call it "Old Man Cardigan" (sorry he means not to offend). So, when I ordered my huge order of yarn in it for him was 17, yes I said SEVENTEEN skeins of Knitpicks Telemark in Almond just for him.
 So the cardigan in question is this lovely one right here:

The lovely, although sometimes cranky, uncle in question is here:

And the Work In Progress that is taking FOREVER TO COMPLETE is here:

Seriously, I totally jinxed myself and tricked myself into thinking I had finally become a fast knitter because I'm still working on the back piece of this cardigan. Also, I should mention that he had requested a dark color for this cardi, but his wife and I felt that he has enough dark in his wardrobe and that it was time for something light. He's a little chunky and thinks that wearing black is the only thing that will make him look slim: WRONG!

Finally, he has requested a few modifications. For example, we're only doing cables down the front of this cardi, even though there are cables down the back and sleeves (Jury is still out on whether to do cables on the sleeves) Secondly, he has requested that this hit more at his waist and not so much at his hip, so we've shortened it just a tad. I really can't wait to get to the cabled part of this sweater because I'm dying to see what it looks like and I'm tired of knitting stockinette.

So, you are all now in the loop as to what the second project for all the yarn that I splurged on last month was for. Stay tuned for more updates and let's all hope I don't end up pulling my hair out on this project, because I like my hair... really, I do!

Monday, March 8, 2010

FO: Grandma's Riding Coat

So, it's done! Yay and it didn't take too long and it wasn't at all painful, which is always a great thing. I would have taken pictures of myself in it, but it's too big for me and so I looked ridiculous and like a bear, but it looks great on grandma and that's what counts. Now for the pictures, enjoy!

Riding Coat

Riding Coat 2

Friday, March 5, 2010

What Happened?

Okay, So I have a question? Why is it you work on a project all super excited, get three quarters of the way through, and then slow way the hell down? Let's, for example, take into account my Grandma's Riding Coat (raveled). I started this coat with a passion. I knit the back, left front, and right front in record speed (okay forget the fact that it's all garter stitch, it was still record speed). Literally about 4 days for all those pieces and .... yes, there's an "and" I managed to seam all those pieces together.

Now it was time to work on the sleeves. It's been 4 days and I still only have half the sleeves done. It's not that I don't want to finish the project, trust you me I really do! But, I can't seem to knit more than few rows a day on these sleeves, and it's annoying the living day lights out of me.

I am a combination between a process and product knitter, a hybrid if such a thing exists. For example, carrying the needles is like therapy to me. I love the process of knitting and it's a lot cheaper than a shrink (well, maybe not... I do love yarn! Lol). But.... You get my point. However, this doesn't mean that I knit just to knit. NOPE! I love, love, love having a FO (that's Finished Object for any non-knitters out there). It's like being healed by a great therapist... lol. I've gone to the sessions, layed on the couch, spewed my feelings into the stitches, and now I have a great object to show for it. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I shall continue to work on these sleeves stitch by stitch and hope to God that they don't take me too much longer because I'm longing for an FO and for this therapy session to be over... :o)

That's it for now... thanks for listening.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Grandma's Riding Coat

When I came to visit grandma at the beginning of the month and she realized I could knit, even though I had already knit her a Hemlock Throw (Rav. Link), she requested a sweater. On my trip, I had brought along a bunch of my knitting magazines and books, which included the Fall/Winter 2009 issue of Debbie Bliss Magazine and right on the cover was a jacke that was perfect for her: The Riding Jacket. So, I went ahead, showed her the magazine and the photo of the jacket and got the approval to go ahead. Well, this meant I needed yarn. Remember my rather large yarn purchase a while back, when I told you I had splurged but that all the yarns had a project in mind. Well the boxes arrived with my beautiful yarns and in it was the Cascade Ecological Wool that was meant for this Riding Coat.

Here's the photo of the colorway I originally posted about earlier in February

The color is Coffee and the yarn is luciously soft... I love it and it's perfect for grandma. She's not the showy type so a nicely colored brown is just what she was looking for. So I went to work and I have to tell you, I never knew that rows upon rows of garter stitch would be so much fun. Not only that, I never in my wildest dreams thought this would be a jacket I would want to make for myself. But, nope everytime I complete one section of the coat, I look at it and say "I have to order more eco wool because this jacket is just too pretty." It's not at all boxy like I thought it would be, nope it has some wonderful waist shaping and flares out at the hips which for grandma is great, but come on imagine it with a pair of skinny jeans.. HELLO! Have to make one in a hot color for me... it's definitely on my list!

So, on a final note I finally have borrowed a normal human digital camera to start taking pictures with. The best part is, I don't have to return it any time soon because the person I borrowed it from (thanks Uncle) already has a newer one and so I might offer to go ahead and buy this one from him! Now, enjoy normal pictures of the Riding Coat... :o)

Pictures of the back and left front:
Riding Coat1

Look at that hot collar:
Riding Coat 2

Isn't it funny how different knitting can look from a different angle, here's rows and rows of garter stitch at eye level: