Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why 2010 Has Been Crappy So Far....

We always begin a new year thinking that it will be better than the one that just passed. Unfortunately, 2010 has not been so for me. We start off on New Years Eve and an incident with my husband which I won't get into because we live in a delicate part of the world. In any case, just for clarification no we did not fight there was 3rd party interference and that's all I'll say about that.

Secondly, everything and it's mother just seems to be going wrong. Two days ago, I broke my iPod charger, literally pulled the USB part away from the rest of the charger. I've been sick with a cold forever, no seriously it feels like since January (it goes away and comes back). I've lost my knitting mojo, gotten it back, lost it.. people we're still only in February.

My dad has been ill and had to have his foot amputated due to his diabetes (thank God he's doing better now), but still it's stressful.

And finally the straw that broke the camel's back came yesterday. I have two cats back in NYC who have been staying with my mom. Well, I've had a sinking feeling lately that something was wrong and well, since 2010 has been so awful, I mean come on this couldn't have been right too. So, I'm talking to my mom and I ask her how are the cats. She replies... "What Cats?!" Of course, I'm caught off guard and tell "Mom, that's not funny." She then goes on to explain how she had forgotten my Persian cat outside one day when she went to work, so she must have been stolen. If that didn't cause enough distress, she goes on to tell me how the other cat became vicious after losing her counterpart that she had to give her away. Wait.... there's more. She then explains that this happened a while ago and knowing the crappy year I've been having she didn't want to upset me. Now, I'm wondering, what would have happened had I gone for a visit and not seen my cats... could you imagine the brawl that would have ensued? Wait... there's still more. When I start to cry about my two loving cats, which I adore, she tells me to GROW UP! They're just cats! I've been crying since last night, the cold is back and worse than ever, I have a splitting headache, and basically no one is feeling my pain except of course the loving people on Ravelry! (I love you Rav. members!). You can read my original forum post in Ravelry here.So this is my final rant about the subject because I guess, I just have to keep saying "I guess things could be worse" even though, I honestly don't believe they could be. I can only pray that they went to loving homes and are being taken care of. LuLu and Whitey, I miss you guys so much! I'm so sorry for having left you behind, I wish I could turn back time, I would have known not to leave you alone with someone who really didn't care about you. I know she's my mom, but I'm telling the truth.

That's all for now.
Thanks for listening.


  1. I found your blog thru Ravelry and saw your post about your cats. I'm so, so sorry. I don't know how in the world you mom could do this. It seems like such a heartless thing to do. I'm don't know all of your circumstances, of course, but want to give you some cyber ((HUGS)). I can only imagine how I would have felt if my mom had given my dog away and for me to find out the way you did.

    I pray your kitties are in loving homes and I hope that your year starts to take a better turn. I'm sorry 2010 has been so awful for you so far ((HUGSS))

  2. Thank you so much for your well wishes. I can only pray that they've made it into loving homes. I thank you so much again and thanks for the hugs I really need them.

  3. Wow, this is sooo sad!! I am so sorry to hear all this! I can't even imagine. :(