Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eight Whole Days

It's been 8 whole days since I've posted, but I've had my reasons. They are called the #26 Cropped Jacket (Rav. Link) from Vogue Knitting. Yes it's true, I've been knitting, blocking, sewing, reblocking, resewing my jacket these past 8 days, but I am so happy to report that it is done. That's right D-O-N-E! Can I tell you that I LOVE IT! I know, you're going to ask me where are the picture and I promise you they are coming, but I was too excited to tell you that I was finally done and I finished it around 2am last night. So check back later today or early tomorrow and hopefully the pictures will be up FINALLY!


  1. 8 days? I haven't posted on my blog in like 8 months, HAHA! You're doing wonderfully ^_^

  2. Haha, that made me laugh from the bottom of my heart!