Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hi Everyone,
I woke up feeling not so good today, stupid sinuses! Anyway, that's not where the Uh Oh comes into play. I did something bad, well not really bad to me, but it may seem bad to you. So, I've been perusing through WEBS and through Knitpicks these last few days and well, I ordered.... a lot, about $200 worth. For those of you who just fell to the floor, please get back up. Look, the fact is I have a reason for this buying! First and foremost, I haven't bought yarn in 3 months and I figure if I were to add how much I would have spent in those three months, it would have been close to that, if not more (come on, let's be honest now). Secondly, all the yarn I bought was for projects I'm wanting to make. And finally, it's oooohhhh so pretty. So there, I don't have to justify anything to anyone... :op.
So, want to see what I bought, here it is.
From WEBS I bought some lovely Cascade Eco Wool in Coffee (so pretty)

Classic Elite Renaissance in Lime Infusion (LOVE IT!)

Jaggerspun Zephyr Lace in Aegaen (no words)

And finally the 2010 Spring/Summer Issue of Debbie Bliss Magazine
Debbie Blis

And from Knitpicks I ordered:

Telemark in:
Almond telemark

and Squirrel Heather
Squirrel Telemark

From their Palette Line, I ordered:
Blue Note:
Blue Note Palette


Celadon Palette


Silver Palette

I'm thinking of using these three to make a Little Birds Cardigan by Ysolda Teague, but I won't know until I put the three colors together and see how they look.

Finally, from their Shine Sport line, I ordered:
Serenade Shine Sport


White Shine Sport

Aren't those all so pretty! I mean who could have resisted?! Anway, now that you know which yarns will soon be added to my stash and you know that they all have projects in mind, don't forget to keep checking back here to see what these fab yarns get made into.

On a final note, my #26 Cropped Jacket from Vogue is on it's way to being finished. I've finished the body, washed, and blocked it. Now, I have to make up the front tablet, add some buttons and it will be all done! I can't wait to show you pictures of the FO (that's finished object for all you non-knitting folks)!

Talk to you guys soon!

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  1. Been there, done that.I love both sites. Don't feel guilty. Use it up and enjoy it.