Sunday, January 24, 2010

For Whom The Bell Tolls...

Well, I've done it! You knew I couldn't put a pattern that I loved out there and not start knitting it right away, and that's exactly what I did. Last we spoke, I had shown you the Cropped Jacket from the Fall 2009 issue of Vogue Knitting. Well, I kept day dreaming about that damn thing that I had to go ahead and start it right away. I had some gorgeous, no, I MEAN GORGEOUS Berroco Lustra in my stash in a phenomenal Peacock blue color. Everytime I look at this yarn, it takes my breath away..... it's soooooo pretty.

So, I went ahead and cast on this cute little cardi and started knitting, and guess what this pattern calls for... seed stitch and you guys know my affinity for seed stitch... :op So, right off the bat I was a happy camper. Then we got to the bell pattern which makes up most of the body of this cute jacket. At first, I wasn't quite sure I was doing the right thing because it was a little holey (is that a word?) from the yarn overs. But one quick look at other people's Ravelry projects and I knew I was on the right track. Boy, let me tell you, when you first start knitting those bells, you aren't quite sure what you got yourself into, but when you see it work up bell after bell, you simply FALL IN LOVE!

Now, for pictures of my WIP (that's Work In Progress for you non-knitting folk). But first, can I just vent and let you all know how pissed I am that I am sans-camera and that I now have to use a stupid web cam to take pictures of gorgeous yarn and of my work. It's not fair, that my pics are crappy. I like pretty pics, I want them just as much as the next person, but alas I'll have to stick with the webcam until I figure out another solution. Okay, so now that I've warned you, you have very low expectations for the picture I'm about to show you and that's a good thing, because the picture sucks... lol

Vogue Bells

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