Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dad... I love you!

So, some of you might know that my dad has been having some health issues for the past year. He had bypass surgery in March of 2010 and a few other problems, but on Friday night he gave us the scare of a lifetime. My dad suffered from a stroke on Friday evening, right in front of my eyes. One minute we were speaking and he was fine, and within 10 seconds he stopped being able to speak clearly and his right side froze. Of course, I called 911 and he went straight to the hospital where he was given a very dangerous medication that has plenty of terrible side effects that could show up in the first 24 hours of administering said medication. So, my mother and I sat and waited to see how much damage this sad silent killer would cause. I'm very, very happy to report that my father, who on Friday night, could not speak, move his right side, or recall how to spell his own name, has made a full recovery with no damage done to his speech or limbs. I was almost positive that Friday night would have been the last time I saw my father and I am so thankful to have him back home with us, where he belongs. I know that this has nothing to do with knitting, but I really felt the need to share... :o). However, don't think that while sitting in the room with my father I didn't manage to get some knitting You know I did and I even started a new design for a cute hat... look for it soon. Thank you all for reading and I'll talk to you all very soon!

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